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If your boat is located in Huntington Harbour, then you already know the importance of maintaining the bottom of your boat.Whether during on or off season, hull cleaning is necessary to keep a boat in good condition and ready to use. Boats that are left in Huntington Harbour quickly accumulate marine growth on the bottom and underwater parts. Huntington Harbour marine growth that builds up on the boat’s hull creates drag during acceleration, inhibiting the boat’s performance and increasing fuel consumption. Barnacles and infestations on underwater equipment may also lead to instrumentation malfunctions and faulty readings. Boats that are painted with anti-fouling paint still require regular hull cleaning, as various factors make it only partially effective against marine growth.

Most Huntington Harbour  boat owners begin to notice marine growth within a few days or weeks of leaving their boats in water. Initially, a layer of algae-like slime will gather and thicken on the boat’s hull, while barnacles will take up residence on the propellers. Warmer temperatures during he summer months encourage faster marine growth and therefore require more tightly scheduled cleanings to keep the hull smooth and the propellers working. During the summer months, barnacles and slime collect rapidly enough that hull cleaning is recommended as often as every three weeks. During most of the year, routine monthly cleaning is enough to prevent fouled hull and infestation problems.

In order to provide the best care for your boat, Barnacles Bills Huntington Harbour always employs the least aggressive method possible. We clean using a number of tools that are specially chosen to match your boat’s needs. Our experienced divers use sponges, brushes, and scrubbers carefully to prevent the removal of anti-fouling paint from the boat’s hull, while still effectively eliminating marine growth.  As a result, you can enjoy boating with a smooth hull and parts, while getting the most out of your anti-fouling coat.



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